Exactvisitor vs Lead Forensics

ExactVisitor has a stronger tracking network and tracks the real person not just the company

We ran a test and the results where clear ExactVisitor outperformed 5X


The TOP Reasons why companies
choose ExactVisitor over Lead Forensics


ExactVisitor can track the real person visiting

ExactVisitor is the only company in the market that can track the real visitor and can turn help you speed up the sales process!


Larger data network for tracking

ExactVisitor tracks up to 5X more visitors due to our data network. It continues to grow daily and reaching far more smaller companies, mid market and enterprise visitors. Even when they work from home due to the Device ID technology.



ExactVisitor can personalize your website from an easy to use interphase enabling you a higher conversion rate.

How we Compare

Functions Lead Forensics ExactVisitor
Identify Companies
Identify People
ABM Alerts
Visitor Alerts
Technology Enrichment
Website Personalization
Work From Home Tracking