How is ExactVisitor different in the way we track Visitors?

Many companies are asking us how our data is different from our competition? In the past, we have held that data away from the public. We have decided to be transparent about how our trackers work.

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How Does our Tracking Work?
How does our data work?

How Does our Tracking work?

Firstly we track using a Javascript on your website just as everyone does it, but making us different is how we process the data after. Usually, a javascript returns an IP address, and that is all (how our competitors are doing it). We listened to our customers, and they objected and said, what if someone works from home, a WeWork, Airports, Starbucks, or Hotel? Then we don’t track them. Our team started to wonder, would that even be possible to solve?

Secondly, our founding team was invited to present at PwC world HQ in London for the top 10 in the Financial industry about website tracking to learn more. During the meeting and presentation, two of the biggest banks in Asia challenged our leadership team and said they wanted to track the real visitor, not just the company. Our team left the presentation, thinking that is not possible, but they decided to let’s try to see if we can crack the case for the next six months. We were identifying the real visitor instead of just the company. We did it without going directly into our IP to create a device id for visitors and match that together with the IP to correlate the real visitor and identify them. Below is an illustration of how to do that.

So the basic is we have a visitor, we return the IP and Device ID and return the real visitor to you.

How is our Data different?

ExactVisitor has a different approach to its data. We have a data cooperative with other vendors that grow our IP and Device IDs from email opens and more. By doing so, it makes our data grow in segments where other visitor tracking platforms will be static. Typically visitor tracking software buys into a master database of IPs to Domain names, and that is how they handle their data, which is purchased from the ISP’s. The issue with this is, Medium-sized and small companies rarely get tracked. With ExactVisitor, we realized this would mean companies are losing a significant number of opportunities, and we wanted to be the platform of record for Visitor Tracking. By having a different approach, we can track a higher number of mid-sized companies and SMB’s, which is 95% of all companies in the world that fall under that segment. Secondly, we realized if Dell visits your website, you are clueless about who to reach out to? If you are focused on the Marketing team, which of the 2,000+ employees do you email?


This is where identity tracking comes into mind. Knowing that it was Christina Smith that you need to contact, make your sales process 10X faster.



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