How to Identify Anonymous Website Visitors (And Convert Them into Actionable Sales Leads) without being obvious.

Even if it looks so simple, writing a good email that gives you high reply rate is really complicated and sometimes challenging. In the past three weeks we worked close with our customers to understand what are their best emails templates that have highest conversions. We gathered a few that will post bellow, feel free to have a close look and simply implement them right away and let us know your results 🙂

The secret to making a good targeted email, whether it is personalized or not, is to tell things that aren’t obvious and boring.

Our customers use intent data and other data points from a few other providers to personalize their emails at the granular level so is relevant for the person reading the email and as a result that generated over 3X more new sales leads.  

This email templates can be structured differently and and are inclined to be used when targeting companies of different sizes.

Build report – Send them content relevant with what they read on your website and reassure them you did your research and understand their industry, that your geek integrates with their current technology stack, but yet keeping it meaningful and to the point.

Template 1: Identifying top leads in your pipeline based on their intent data, like pages thy’ve read, firmographic and technographic, but knowing the company nameis not enough. That’s why our fastest-growing clients know the exact contact email behind an anonymous visitor that converts 3x more leads only in 6 months.

Hi [First Name],

[Your Name] here from [YourCompany]. I was speaking with [First Name] ( our [Job position]) earlier today and she asked me to roll out a strategy that has the highest email reply rates.
We know for a fact that someone from [] visited our site (see below). Would that person have happened to be you? If not, can you point me in the right direction of who [YourCompany Name] seems most applicable?
Otherwise, just let me know and I’ll let Lori know this strategy didn’t work for us 🙂

———- Forwarded message ———
From: [YourName] < []>
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2020 at 16:21
Subject: Re: New company domain identified: []
To: [Contact Name] <[]>

Hi [SalesRepName],
as discussed, we are rolling out this new strategy that our customers reached the highest reply rates on their emails by simply contacting the companies visiting [YourCompanyName]’s website.
I checked their website ( [
Comanydomain]) and seen are using [Name some Technology stack that converts with a faster adoption or similar customers from similar industry]. Supper relevant, right??
Could you please look them up on Linkedin and see if you find people in marketing or demand generation that might match? Let’s see how our visitors look at how we take our own medicine!
———- Forwarded message ———
From: [ExactVisitor alert] <alerts@>
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2020 at 16:21
Subject: Re: New company domain identified: []
To: [YourManagerName] < []>

New company domain identified: []
Page visited:  []

Template 2: Send relevant content to what page they visited on your website and get their interest to connect and build a report. I know you know more about them, but please keep some of that information to better empathize on your first call.

Email Subject: How our customers achieve 3x more opportunities with personalized emails

[First Name],

I just published this article filled with personalized email templates that helped our customers achieve 3x more opportunities in the last months.

10 Email Templates that you can steal for FREE

Let me know if you published or came across with similar outcome!


Template 3: Make them aware taht you know that someone at their company visited your website and you would like to get in touch as you can talk about the topic they had interest in.

Hi {{first_name}},

I reached out a couple of days ago as someone from {{company}} visited Saleshub and was interested in social outbound automation (Linkedin+Email) and didn’t signup yet.

I’m writing to you as you seems like the most relevant person at {{company}} for our sales automations and wondered if you have a moment to learn more?

If our website didn’t fully answer all your questions I’m happy to shoot back a video illustrating how easy it is to automate your outreach in Saleshub.

If it’s not you, will you kindly direct me to the right person?

Ps. Thank you again for the time you took to look at this email, and if you where not the person visiting our website I’m super sorry to have reached out to you then.


Straight to the point – Try to book a call, a demo or a meeting immediately

Template 4: Here you can simply copy it and add it to your email outreach.

Email Subject: [Company Name] is still looking to learn how to convert visitors into customers?

Hi [First Name],

Your team at [Company Name] been actively reading on our website about our “anonymous visitors identification” platform and integrations. I wanted to make sure you found enough information about how easy we can generate ready to buy leads from your anonymous visitors.

Do you have 10 min this week to chat on how other [Persona’s Job Title] leverage intent data and generated 10X more leads?

Template 5: Reaching out to Demand Generation department matching my Persona Job title.

Hi  [First Name],

What did you thought about our [product presentation] and [pricing], will it help your [sales team]?

I don’t want to sound creepy but our platform seen someone from your team reading a lot earlier today on our website [Yourdomain] about how easy you can see new companies or people with real interest to buy that are on your website but don’t leave any information.

When using our geek your sales reps get live notifications with the lead contact information, email, pages they visited, technographics and so you can personalize fast you email or conversation.

If it wasn’t you researching about knowing the real customers on you website that are in the buying cycle please let me know who would this be relevant in your team?

Template 6: Take 2 of the most important characteristics about your lead and personalize the conversation and showcasing the benefits through social proof.

Hi [Name],

I’m [YourName], working at [YourCompanyName] and dealing with expansion.

One of my first customers from the 2nd quarter shared with us his results, you can read more here, but I’ll sum up very fast. They are a B2B mid-market company growing fast, recruiting sales reps, and ramping them up quickly.

Generating new leads was a real challenge for them as they invest in a great marketing team which brings many visitors to their website, only the problem was they couldn’t know which were those companies. After only three months with us, they generated 1.7x more net new opportunities.

Let me know if this was relevant for you now, any of the ways would love you to reach back to me.


Template 7: Everyone knows that sales people are pushy,  showing that you think about how to help your prospects make a big difference.

Hi [FirstName],

I just found you through your [social media profile] and I’m a big fan of startups like yours that keep growing.

I see that you’re climbing the ranks on G2, and deservedly so :). I’m an [job role/title] at [YourCompany] and realized you could reach top 5 of best solutions in your category by implementing these 2 tips:

[Tip #1]

[Tip #2]

There’s a third tip, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. If the first two are helpful, do you want me to send you the third one?

If not, I understand. No hard feelings 🙂

Template 8: Short to the point, research shows that cold emails that are between 50-100 words have higher reply rates!

Hi [FirtsName],
I noticed you are working in the marketing team, and you are keen on learning more about how [YouCompany] will help you get more qualified leads for your sales team without increasing costs.

Today your sales teams knows 3-5% of your leads, but you are missing out on 95% of them , we are able to reverse the IP of an anonymous visitor to an exact person contact information, like their email and name.

Let me know if it makes sense for us to connect so I can answer any questions you have about [YourCompany]?

What about Friday at 10.30 am, would that work for you?


Template 9: Companies that are growing and looking at products to help them generate more qualified leads, in our example.

Hey [FirstName] – noticed that your inside sales team is growing fast, congrats on that success!
I’m reaching out because we’ve found that high-growth sales teams like yourself often have trouble expanding their account list as fast as they’re hiring new ISR’s.
I know ISRs hate fighting over accounts, and, as a director, I’m sure you’d like to see increased gains in pipeline and demos. Here is where I can think ExactVisitor can help you.

In short, we’ve helped the inside sales at MongoDB and Acronis uncover hidden pipeline and increase opportunity output by 2x in less than 6 months.

What time suits you to have a 10 min call, sometime tomorrow before 11:30 am?


Template 10: You aren’t our customer yet, let me present you the benefits other companies similar to yours achieved  in a short period of time.

Hey [FirstName] – You aren’t a customer yet, however my manager asked me to work with you this quarter given the speed you’re growing your team and the easy adoption we had with similar companies as [Calendly and OpenPhone].

We [revealed the exact person email behind a visit, not just the company name even if she/he left without leaving any information]. When working on mid market or enterprise accounts you save weeks of resources looking for that person in + thousand people org?! Clients seen an increase of 1.5x in new deals in first three months only from leads revealed by ExactVisitor

After the visitor left you can create smart alerts that notifies you if they installed your competitors?! Get that competitive advantage makes sense?

If you’re free next week, I’d love to discuss your 2021 goals and see if we might fit in. When’s a good time to connect?

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