Personalize your website and be relevant to your buyer

Personalization and relevancy is something that every business should do, but no-one does it and this is costing them revenue 🙁

Visitors are all different but yet your website seems to be static and deliver the same message to every single visitor. This has been the norm since the internet started to become a thing in 1995. 23 years later is that still relevant the answer is no! – If you like to stand out, convert more visitors stick around!

Enterprise companies have had this benefit for the past years using Optimizely and the likes of Clearbit starting at 50K USD annually to get started plus engineering cost. This makes it out of reach for most companies.

We are strong believers in being relevant and the buying journey has changed, each visitor has different preferences or needs and these needs to be addresses in realtime.

Let’s say you offer solutions for both startups and enterprises like historically has done, you don’t want to show the free and self service to the enterprises customers.

Website personalization based on the visitors’ technology usage, company information, and the real visitor data! 

We decided it needs to be easy, so the good news is, it doesn’t require any technical skills to get started. 

Why is website personalization important?

Today when a customer is in their research phase, the more you can tailor the experience to them, the more likely they are to convert. Let’s say you show your integrations as a software company. If a visitor uses Salesforce, they don’t care to know about Microsoft Dynamics, Pipedrive, etc. The focus is to wow the visitor and shows them what truly matters to them. 

Here ExactVisitor shows the domain of the visitor and talks about their Integration Hubspot, so the visitor knows it works for them at first glance. The result is the visitor will not bounce but spend more time on the website and ultimately signup. 

Personalization can swap images, CTA buttons, custom text, automatically append the company name, domain name and much more.

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