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Company Tracking

Identify companies visitor your website,

also when they visit from an airport.

from $ 79/Month

Identify Real Visitors

Identify the person on your website in real time.

Stop guessing who is visiting.

from $ 199/Month*

Company TrackerPeople Tracking
Unique Visitors / MonthPriced based on number of VisitorsPriced based on number of Visitors
Reveal the real person behind the visitNot possible
Export to CSV
Import from CSV
Enrich visitor with Technologies
Website Tracking (Identify visitors)

Common questions about our pricing

The website track is it hard to install?

- It it a one click installation for Wordpress, Google Tag manager or a simple installation like Google Analytics with a javascript code.

Can i cancel anytime?

- Yes you can cancel your trial or subscription at any point you wish.

How do you track the real person visiting?

- Exact Visitor is not using cookies but a new technology that makes it possible top triangulate data with A.I. to determine the identity of the real visitor.

See why the world’s best companies use Exact Visitor to grow faster with identity tracking.

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