Stop the Lead Drain on your website today!

Customers are visiting your website, and maybe they receive a phone call and, they don’t read more about your company and next they forget about you. This happens too often, and we are on a mission to help customers stopping the lead slippage.

You have a chance to stop the lead slippage right now by taking action and setting a strategy!

Here is how top performing companies like Techtracker and Saleshub among others has, set their strategy for visitors, and you have a change to convert top of funnel warm accounts today!

Below is a video of how they do and after some email scripts you can use👇👇👇

To setup the flow, you can use the following templates made easy for you:

Step 1 – Connection Message on LinkedIn:

Hi #first_name

I’ve Noticed multiple visits from #company_name on, and I just wanted to introduce myself.

Step 2 – LinkedIn message + same as email:

Subject: Thanks for Visiting

Message: (replace merge tags to LinkedIn versions when used as LinkedIn message)

Hi {{first_name}},


I’ve Noticed a few visitors stopping by from {{company}} the last days. I want to reach out and ask if I can help you with any questions or offer you a walk through of Saleshub?

You may have noticed i took the time to do a bit research before reaching out, and I will admit that your research, is driven by our Personalization approach taking just 30 seconds per Prospect.

Imagine your Sales team adapting a similar process what that could do for your business.

How is {{on_2_business_days_from_now}} working for you?



Step 3: LinkedIn Message

Hi #first_name,

Just a quick followup on my last message, as #company_name has been checking out Saleshub over the last days.

I simply want to ask if you can point me in the direction of the right person to speak with regarding sales acceleration?



Follow the above flow but adapt it to your business, you are going to close more leads faster! The steps and setup is show in the video above.

Go get the low hanging fruits from your website today, and stop the lead drain!

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