Visitor tracking

Know who is visiting your website in real time!

ExactVisitor shows you who they are and what they are interested in – so that you can turn them into customers today - the actual person not just the company!

Discover the real visitor

Simply install a tracking code and let it capture b2b leads from your inbound traffic. You will see which companies and people who are interested in your business.

ExactVisitor will return the real visitor!

Segment & Qualify

Configure filters to quickly see your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) and enriched with their Technology usage, then move them further through your sales funnel.

Sync visitors to your CRM

Discover the contact information of key people at the target company. ExactVisitor integrates automatically with various CRMs, outreach tools and others apps so you can send your data anywhere.

Stop loosing leads on your website

Use technology data to segment visitors

ExactVisitor has a unique partnership with that brings in data inside the platform. This enable you to get custom alerts when a visitor is using Hubspot and visits your website.

ABM alerts

Upload a list of your targeted accounts and each time they visit an alert is send to the account executive so they can reach out and close deals faster.

Real time visitor Slack Alerts

Send visitor alerts directly to Slack when a visitor matches your ICP you can set ABM alerts or use their Technology usage.

See how many leads you are missing today