You are having Buyer Intent Data Hiding in Your Own Website — Here’s How to Access and Use It

Marketing is getting harder for B2B companies, people are getting overflooded with Ads, emails etc. Fact is sales cycle is getting longer, with the average B2B sales cycle taking 102 days according to a research by Geckoboard. Yikes. 

Even users that download a lead magnet or fill out a contact form might not be ready to buy.  Targeting them too early could waste time (and ad spend) if they don’t show intent. 

If you don’t have the right data you may end up targeting companies that are not in your audience.

The question is how do you avoid wasting time and budget? The good news is there’s secret data on your website you might be ignoring — it is “buyer intent data”. 

You might not be new to buyer intent data, but there’s a good chance you’re missing some strong intent signals hidden right on your website.

Wan’t to learn more? Keep on reading. 👇 👇 👇 👇 

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What is B2B intent data?

Buyer Intent data is data actions that indicate a specific prospect or site visitor is interested in making a purchase and that is a person you really like to talk to. 

The visitors aren’t researching their options or just looking for blog posts! They know what they need and are almost ready to buy and this is the ones you like to talk to right away.

Buyer intent data is specific signals users send that tell you they’re ready to buy without telling you. This is where your sales or marketing team to step in and close the deal. 

Requesting a demo or signing up for a trial are the most obvious examples of buyer intent, as they show HIGH intent and interests right now. 

But there are many ways to measure Intent and depending on your industry and marketing funnel/strategy, many other actions can be intent signals, for example: 

  • Visiting your pricing page after ready two to three blog posts (they show high Intent)
  • Downloading a pricing comparison guide
  • Compare page with a competitor is often High Intent
  • Looking multiple times at product pages that often are = sales patterns

How intent data works in real life

If we start with what is Intent data and how it is defined? Basically it has two essential parameters: WHO is doing the action, and WHAT that action is. 

When both of these lines up with your own definition of buyer intent, then you have a solid prospect you need to act on today

Here’s an example of why the who and the what matters: Say two visitors take the same action — they visit your pricing page. 

Are they both ready to buy? Maybe, maybe not it depends on the entire Intent Data collected!

Say one visitor is in your target audience and has read four blog posts in the last two days. 

They are likely ready to buy as the took a natural path

But based on their IP address, you can tell the other visitor works for your main competitor. 

We all know that main competitor is there to “spy/copy” you or if they visited career page to look for a move to you. 

Remember, how you define an intent signal (meaning a signal someone is ready to buy) can vary based on your industry, market, and the length of your entire sales process.

Defining intent signals for your business is crucial to using buyer intent data. 

Great 🦸 how do you use Intent Data in B2B Marketing?

Online behaviour, such as what content visitors consume or what campaigns they engage with, provides clues about where they are in the buying cycle. 

How can you use that data to improve your marketing? 

Here are a few ways buyer intent data can turn you into a marketing superhero, for example ExactVisitor for Google Analytics can bring value into your Google Analytics engine by enriching the true visitors. 

Understand your Ad Campaigns and visitors in Google Analytics

Enriching visitor data into Google Analytics gives marketers unique insights into who is actually clicking on an Adwords, referral link etc. Being able to sort this by Company Size, Technology Use, Industry etc gives unique insights into your marketing efforts. You can start calculating CPIL (Cost Per Ideal Lead) and not just CPL (Cost per lead) that you do today without insights.

Filter out unqualified leads

Tired of wasting time on leads that aren’t ready to buy and doesnt fit your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)? 

Tracking buyer intent data simply helps your team and yourself to filter out companies that don’t fit your target personas or reach a minimum level of engagement, it is that simple. 

For example, someone might hit the right engagement level but live in a country you currently are not able to serve or sell to.  

In ExactVisitor, you can create Custom Filters that take care of lead scoring for you, it will automatically filtering out companies that don’t fit your target personas or reach a minimum level of engagement it is really simple. 

Inform your content marketing efforts 

If you’re interested in switching or buying software, you’re probably going to ask your network, use or search a solution on Google.

Buyer intent data from your website can tell you what blog posts buyers read before they leave, this is gold as it tells a story about their needs and interest, and great conversation breaker. Which you can use to send other suggestions, know before you reach out or call what they care about and increase the odds they actually respond to you.

Pull more insights from outreach campaigns

The average cold email campaign gets less than a one percent response rate. Reason is simple too many marketers BUT not all are sending in mass tranches hoping someone will bite the bait.

But, there are better ways to get 25-40% reply rates and this is where you see a direct impact using Intent data and a proper approach.

For instance with you can automatically email visitors with it’s ExactVisitor integration but ALSO auto prospect and engage with leads from company that match certain personas.

They leverage a 1-1 Personalisation approach showing on what the visitor has seen, what technologies they use and their LinkedIn profile data. This can in seconds become extremely powerful as you can personalize and mention what matters to them in your outbound email.

Personalize your marketing efforts

Marketing personalization is important if you know a visitor is using Pardot and Salesforce, it is far better mention how your Solution is supporting that, as you are now talking about something they care about. ExactVisitor luckily provides these insights with the technographic enrichment engine by built into ExactVisitor.

A recent research shows that 80 percent of customers are more likely to buy when brands offer personalized experiences. 

Buyer intent data can inform your personalization efforts and drive it to the front seat. 

How do you collect and use B2B buyer intent data  

Google Analytics can tell you how many people visit a particular page, what referral site sent them there and that is about it out of the box.

It is useful information. But it doesn’t help you identify, target, or convert B2B leads into opportunities. 

Neither does it help you personalize and tailor your marketing efforts throughout the buyer’s journey. 

And it doesn’t offer any firmographic details, technographics details either.

Instead, B2B marketers and salespeople need a buyer intent software option like ExactVisitor that identifies site visitors (that’s the WHO) and tracks onsite behaviour (the WHAT part of intent data.) 

ExactVisitor allows you to see who visits your website and provides data on the organization that’s visiting your website. 

ExactVisitor can even tell you the accurate person that visited! 

In addition, ExactVisitor tells you what pages they’ve browsed. For example, you can see they been on the pricing page, they seen 2 blog post, visited 3 product pages etc.

B2B buyer intent data is key to a more effective marketing strategy and closing more deals

When it comes to qualifying leads or to building more effective nurture campaigns, buyer intent data helps B2B businesses target leads more effectively, understand what target accounts want and needs. This helps you to create more personalized messaging that drives higher conversion rates.

Using a buyer intent platform like ExactVisitor is truly the key to unlocking B2B intent data hiding on your website and put that data to work in your marketing efforts. 

Signup for a free account on ExactVisitor today and unlock your Intent data.

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